Pastor's Thoughts 

Our vision, "Learning Christ Together"

Our theme of Maturing as Human Beings as outline in The Sermon on the Mount series encouraged us to ask, seek, and knock for God’s grace in our church as we learn Christ together. The final chapter, chapter seven of the Sermon on the Mount on the Two Ways, Two Trees, Two Claims and Two Foundations challenged us to examine ourselves whether we are True Prophets (proclaimers of God’s message of salvation) and whether we are True Disciples (followers of Christ). By the way, the Old Testament describes the people of God as a kingdom of Prophets and Priests. Priests pray for God’s people. So, let us take God’s Word to His people and bring the petitions of God’s people to our loving Father. Our next series is on “All Power is Given in Earth and In Heaven” regarding the power that enables us to persevere in asking, seeking, and receiving God’s grace in Christ. That power is the Holy Spirit, the third person in the Trinity whom the Father and the Son sent to us and who made his dwelling in our lives. He equips and intercedes for God’s people, His church. The reason for his intercession is because we do not know what and how to pray but the Spirit knows the Lord’s will and searches our hearts so we can pray in Jesus’ name.


On May 23, we will remember Pentecost as we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit amongst God’s people, the church. Again, the Holy Spirit gives us the power for obeying from the heart (theme of the Sermon on the Mount) all the teachings of the Lord. Please keep in mind the summary of the Sermon on the Mount:  Jesus fulfilled/completed or consummated the Law and the Prophets; and therefore, the sign that one belongs to the kingdom of Christ is a righteousness that exceeds the Pharisees.  This whole-being righteousness and behaviour includes heart obedience that conforms to God’s nature, will, and coming kingdom, secured by our New Covenant relationship through Christ’s life, death, and resurrection. The power of God is the Holy Spirit dwelling is us, who enables us to obey and remain faithful to the end. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will work in the lives of all who seek God as the author and architect of their lives, especially to those who are new to our fellowship in the Lord. We ask that you commit to attending our worship services on Sunday mornings.

God Bless Pastor Dodie (Preferred communication: +61 421 436 848)

From Pastor Frank Farag: Dear Family at Punchbowl Baptist Church, what a great privilege for all of us to get together to worship Him! Every Sunday morning, I remind myself and the church family, that we are here to worship Him in the Spirit and the Truth. We are here, in His church, together, to give the Glory to Him.

We are here, in our church, to build up one another. We are here, to listen to what God wants to say to us, as a church family, families, and individuals. You need to listen to what He is going to say to you this morning.

Take His Word straight to your own heart and pray for yourself to trust and to obey! Welcome to church, but remember, you will be leaving soon to be the Light and the Salt in everywhere you go.