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Our vision, "Learning Christ Together"

Praise God for the book of Isaiah which foreshadows the book of Revelation of Jesus Christ! Our meditation this past month (April) of Lent on the book of Isaiah has given us a preview of the end times when “all the trees of the field will clap their hands, as you go out with joy” (Isaiah 55:12).


This month of May and the first two Sundays of June, we will return to the last chapters of the book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ (Chapters 14 to 22)! As He was for believers to whom the Apostle John wrote, He is still their and our “Living Hope”. Let’s continue to worship him, delight in him, and put our trust in His sovereignty and love.


I mentioned last Sunday (April 24) that the restoration of the bride of Christ to himself involves pursuing God endlessly, responding to his calling in obedience, even when our understanding of our faith is limited. Salvation is indeed a journey of faith and each one of us will travel a different journey of faith, but our compassionate God has given all of us only one Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ. 


We praise God that his provision of this church wherein we can journey together, care and pray for each other, be accountable to one another, and most of all be encouragers to each other to fight the good fight of faith. Last Easter, we celebrated the baptism of Jeralyn, the child dedication of Giselle, and the reception into membership of Ernest and Emmy. Let us continue keep in mind our goal of “Training Each Other to be Disciple-Makers” and our vision of “Learning Christ Together”.


Finally, let’s pursue peace in our midst (unity, wholeness, and completeness – holiness) as only the Holy Spirit can and will do to the glory of Christ, our Saviour, and praise of the power/authority of God, our Father!


Pastor Dodie

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