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PBC Mission Support 

Supporting those who are called for missionary work is an important aspect of our church goals. PBC is pleased to feature here some of the missionaries PBC support.


HELLO 2022!!!

The picture below was taken on our last visit to the Philippines December 2019. Since most of our extended family is there, we usually go back every Christmas, but due to the pandemic we have been unable to do this, which has been quite challenging for us.

Through God's grace and provisions, we will be heading to Manila this time next week - December 8 . It will be a visit filled with mixed feelings, especially for my dad, since both my step mum and dad's last sibling both passed away within the last 2 years. But we are so grateful to be reunited with our family again soon and would really appreciate your prayers for our trip.

Please pray that:

- God protects us physically and we won't get sick, especially dad

- there won't be any complications travel wise (no cancellations etc)

- we have a refreshing time with our family

As I "sign off" for the year, I just want to take this time to wish you all a very BLESSED CHRISTmas and a Happy New Year!

Praising God for what He's done this past year and looking forward to what He will do in 2023! FOR HIS GLORY ALWAYS!!

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