PBC Mission Support 

Supporting those who are called for missionary work is an important aspect of our church goals. PBC is pleased to feature here some of the missionaries PBC support.

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HELLO 2021!!!


It's that time of the year again, where classes on campuses are wrapping up and students are getting ready for exams. It's also that time of the year where missionaries are getting ready for the various Summer Projects that will be happening not just locally, but also overseas via digital means.

Our West Asia project, also known as Acts 29, will be one of these digitally run projects and is being co-led by Yasmin (one of the Queensland campus missionaries who I meet with regularly).

Last June I shared about one of Yasmin's disciples Arya (pictured below with Yasmin - Arya is the one in the front). Here's a recap of Arya's story:

"Arya is a UQ student, from a country that is closed to the gospel, now living permanently in Australia. Arya has come to know and love Jesus, and she takes every opportunity to share Him with others! Arya and I (Yasmin) have been meeting to study the Bible together since the end of last year, and Arya has expressed a desire to learn to share clearly with her friends how they can have a personal relationship with Jesus, the Saviour she loves so much. Just a few weeks ago, Arya had the privilege of leading two of her friends to Jesus, one of whom is also from a place where the gospel cannot easily be shared!"

Well, Arya is now going on Acts 29!! This will be her first Summer Project! How amazing is God!! Arya is just one of the many students who will be spending some of their summer break sharing about Jesus to students here in Australia, and beyond.

Please pray that:

- God continues to provide wisdom and guidance for our project leaders in planning for the various projects. Due to COVID, the planning of projects are more complex and will involve more aspects. Pray that God provides all the resources and various plans needed in order for us to provide safe projects for all our students and missionaries.

- God provides the financial needs for all our students going on project. Pray students will be able to raise all their needs while also having to study for exams.

- God will bring many people into a relationship with Him during these projects, and our students will also grow in their relationship with Him and ministry skills.