PBC Mission Support 

Supporting those who are called to provide missionary support is an important aspect of church business. PBC is currently discerning whom we should support and once decided will post information of the missionaries and who they minister to on this site. More to come 

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HELLO 2021!!!


"It was a bit of a rollercoaster."


This is how Julianna (pictured in the bottom of the screenshot), one of our newer missionaries in QueensIand, described Ministry Partner Development (MPD).

As most of you would know, the other role I have is coaching our missionaries in MPD. After a missionary has been accepted to work with Power to Change, they have to raise a team of ministry partners that will pray for the ministry and/or partner with them financially. They are required to raise this team, and reach their financial goal, before they are allowed to report to their assigned role. Julianna was one of the missionaries who I coached last year. She described MPD perfectly when she said it was a bit of a roller coaster. It involves connecting with a lot of people, as well as making sure you stay on top of the "admin' side of things. As an MPD coach, my role involves meeting weekly with the missionary I am coaching, pastorally caring for them and making sure they are meeting the goals we've set for the past week. These meetings usually involve problem solving, talking through the fears and challenges they are facing, asking how their walk with God is going, and encouraging them to keep going. I asked Julianna to share how she found our MPD coaching times:

“During my MPD experience, I really valued being able to meet with Maicy every week to discuss how I was going, not just with MPD, but also my personal and spiritual wellbeing. These meetings helped me to stay on track and be encouraged and motivated as I shared my various ups and downs (it was a bit of a rollercoaster). Maicy was always there to point me back to God, to learn to trust him and see him work in my life. As a result, I grew a lot in my own faith and in my ministry as well!” Even though being an MPD coach can be challenging, as I journey through the ups and downs with whoever I'm coaching, I'm glad that God has allowed me to be in this role. It's such a blessing to come alongside these missionaries, helping them through the various challenges they face in MPD, and then to celebrate with them when they can get to their goal and are able to report to their team.

Please continue to pray for me in this role. Pray God continues to give me His wisdom for each person I'm coaching, and that I care for them well through His grace.