PBC Mission Support 

Supporting those who are called for missionary work is an important aspect of our church goals. PBC is pleased to feature here some of the missionaries PBC support.


HELLO 2022!!!


Just to reassure you all, I have not lost the plot .

In one of my roles, making this statement actually means it's time to celebrate. That role is my Ministry Partner Development (aka. Support Raising) Coaching role. Why?? Because, every time I say this to the person I've been coaching, it means they have reached 100% of their support goal and will be reporting to their assigned ministry.

A couple of weeks ago, I said this to 2 ladies, who reached their support goal within the same week. One was Lucy, who has reported to the QUT campus team in Queensland, and the other was Wai Hing (pictured below), who reported to the Sydney Uni Team. Both of them have joined the International Student Ministry team on their respective campuses. PRAISE GOD for answering our prayers!!

As an MPD Coach, I always have mixed feelings when the person I'm coaching reaches their support goal. Of course I'm SUPER excited and SOOO happy that they get to finally join their teams, but at the same time I feel sad that I won't get to meet with them regularly anymore. I guess it's because, as their coach, I journey with them in their various experiences during MPD. I rejoice when they rejoice, as they see God provide in miraculous ways, but I also feel their frustration and discouragements when things don't seem to be moving, or going along as they'd hoped. As their coach, I'm there to pray for them, and to continually remind and encourage them to just keep going and do their part, and God will do His. As their coach, I'm there at the very beginning of their ministry journey with Power To Change, and I get to see how God uses MPD to not just grow them closer to Him, but to also grow their character, and help prepare them for their assigned ministry.

As I've said before, it truly is a privilege to be in this role. To know that I'm not just helping the missionary I'm coaching, but also helping their team gain another member once they've reached their MPD goal, gives me great joy.

Now, I'm starting this MPD coaching journey with another 2 new ladies, both in Queensland - Emma and Kezia. Please continue to pray that God gives me wisdom to know how to best coach and care for these ladies too, and that God will provide for them, so they can join their teams as soon as possible.