PBC Mission Support 

Supporting those who are called for missionary work is an important aspect of our church goals. PBC is pleased to feature here some of the missionaries PBC support.


HELLO 2022!!!


These are 2 of my favourite things . If you know me well, then you would know that I LOVE hot chips, and along with that I also love a good conversation, especially when it has to do with spiritual things.

Every year, during the first 4 weeks of Semester 2, our campus ministries usually run a Semester 2 outreach. Each campus team decides what they want this to look like for their campus. At Notre Dame Uni (UND) they decided to hold a "Chips & Chats" social once a week. This gave the students involved with us a chance to invite their friends along to partake in some yummy chips, and some spiritual conversations. To help start these conversations, our missionaries/students used Gem cards (pictured below), where they would ask certain questions, and the students would answer by choosing a particular card and explaining why they chose that card.

Bridie, one of our missionaries who serves at UND, shared this in her latest prayer letter:

"Thank you for praying for our new event this semester. The main praise point from this is that a guy came along for a couple of weeks and was really engaged in the spiritual discussions. He said yes to starting a Christianity Explained course, so please pray for that to go ahead (with our missionary James and student leader Nate). We didn't get heaps of other students along but our Christian students were inviting their friends which is definitely a win! We pray they will continue to be on mission in their classrooms and breaks."

I still recall the various Semester 2 outreach events we held at Macquarie Uni during the years I was serving on that campus. I loved the way God used them to help us all step out in faith. It also helped grow our students in their evangelism skills, as they prayed for opportunities to have spiritual conversations with their classmates, with some of these resulting in our students doing Christianity Explained with those classmates. I'm grateful that these Semester 2 outreaches are still part of what we do each year, and that God produces fruit through them each time.

Please pray for the student that James and Nate will be doing CE with. Pray they can make a time to meet, and God will continue to draw this student towards Him. Please also pray for any other spiritual conversations that happened during this outreach, and as Bridie said that "their students will continue to be on mission in their classrooms and breaks".