PBC Mission Support 

Supporting those who are called for missionary work is an important aspect of our church goals. PBC is pleased to feature here some of the missionaries PBC support.

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HELLO 2021!!!



I'd like to introduce you to another one of the awesome campus missionary women I have the pleasure of discipling and mentoring.

Yasmin Henry (pictured above) serves on our local campus team at the University of Queensland (UQ). She joined Power To Change (PTC) as a 1st year student at UQ in 2002. She became a Christian that year through doing a Christianity Explained course. After she graduated university, she spent some time music teaching, then served on the Logos Hope ship. She joined PTC as a full time missionary in 2019.

In Yasmin's latest prayer letter, she shared about one of the students she meets with named Arya. Here is Arya's story:

"Arya is a UQ student, from a country that is closed to the gospel, now living permanently in Australia. Arya has come to know and love Jesus, and she takes every opportunity to share Him with others! Arya and I have been meeting to study the Bible together since the end of last year, and Arya has expressed a desire to learn to share clearly with her friends how they can have a personal relationship with Jesus, the Saviour she loves so much.

Just a few weeks ago, Arya had the privilege of leading two of her friends to Jesus, one of whom is also from a place where the gospel cannot easily be shared!"

God is just SO amazing!! He continues to graciously answer our prayers and is changing lives like Arya and her friends, for His glory!! All praise to Him!!



- Mid Year Conferences (MYC)- starting next week and the week after, campuses around Australia will be holding their various MYCs in Perth, Queensland, Victoria and Sydney. Our Sydney Team was supposed to be joining the QLD MYC, but has had to pull out due to the COVID situation in NSW. They will now be holding a shorter MYC in Sydney, utilising the talks from the QLD MYC.

Please pray for all the MYCs. Pray that God helps all the conference teams with their planning and logistics, and provides all their needs. Pray that the students will be encouraged and challenged, and grow in their love for God and their ministry skills.

Thank you for your continued prayers and partnership in this ministry. FOR HIS GLORY ALWAYS!!